The Lion Woman

Film stills

– Apgailestauju dėl Jūsų žmonos. Bet vaikas gyvens.

– Tai ne vaikas.

Eva Arctander is born in a small Norwegian station town. Her mother dies giving birth, and the little girl is born with yellow hair covering her entire body, including the face. Her father Gustav (by Rolf Lassgård), the station master, does not know how to be a father to a child who is so different. Gustav is ashamed of her, he locks her inside their apartment at the station and lets Hannah the nanny take care of her upbringing. Hannah starts to love Eva and fights for her right to be treated like everyone else. The Lion Women is an emotionally gripping and fascinating story about the challenges of being different.

Vibeke Idsøe

Vibeke Idsøe made her debut as a film director in 1996 with the children's adventure film Body Troopers. The film was a great success in Norway, and won a number of awards at various prestigious festivals around the world, including the Adult's Jury Award at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival. Idsøe also co-wrote the screenplay for one of Norway’s biggest animation-film hits Gurin with the Foxtail in 1998, and also the script for her own animated film Karlsson on the Roof (2002). In 2005 she made her first film oriented at a more adult audience, the comedy 37 and a Half.