Line of Credit

Film stills

Visa į tėvą.

Tavo tėvas vogė iš sovietų, o tu iš mamos.

Nino, woman in her 40s, led a comfortable life in the Soviet Union, but in modern Georgia she finds it hard to keep up with the changes. Nino resolves to the most wide-spread practice of getting a mortgage loan at high interest. Little by little she gets deeper into debts, which becomes a vicious circle she cannot escape.

Nino’s story is one among 172 300 families, who lost their abode as a result of mortgage loans in 2009–2013. The number of the households makes 14% of Georgia’s population.

Venice Film Festival – in Venice Horizons competition; East End Film Festival – nominated for Best Film; Wiesbaden goEast Film Festival – nominated for SKODA Film Award.

Salomé Alexi

Salomé Alexi was born in 1966 in Tbilisi, Georgia. She graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts. In 1988–1992 she worked as a set and costume designer on several feature and short films, as well as for the theatre productions. In 1992–1996 she studied Film Directing at the French state film school La Fémis in Paris, where she shot several short and documentary films. Her short film Felicità (2009) won several awards. Since year 2000 Salome Alexi lives between Tbilisi, Georgia and Hamburg, Germany. Line of Credit is her first feature film.