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– Reiktų nusipirkti skėtį nuo saulės.

– Verčiau nupirk lėktuvo bilietus.

Direct from a Norwegian Seventies’ reality – Sonia with her two children arrive in Trinidad to join her husband Jo who is working as an engineer. She is introduced to a homeless class of men who have the whole world as their workplace – and their wives, who follow them wherever their contracts take them. On the surface these women live lives in luxury with large houses and servants. The days blend together into an everlasting holiday, where the women nurse their superficial relationships over cocktails poolside. Limbo is a film about love, betrayal and desperation in a country far from home.
“I’ve wanted to tell an exotic and low key love story, true to Sonia’s perception of the world – a portrait of a woman’s experience of losing herself for the very first time – and a married couple’s struggle to find a way back to each other. The story is simple and complicated at the same time. Simple because it’s dealing with recognisable themes, complicated in that it’s a dramatic voyage into Sonia’s inner world, the subconscious – that has no language”, says director Maria Sødahl.


Amanda Awards – nominated for 10 categories, won Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Sound Design, Best Supporting Actress; Montreal World Film Festival – Best Director.

Maria Sødahl

Norwegian director Maria Sødahl (b. 1965) was educated at the Danish National Film School, graduating in 1993. She has since written and directed several documentaries and short films, as well as television-dramas. She made her debut as a feature film director with the critically hailed drama Limbo.