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Man tai – ramybės uostas, nes čia jaunimui, kuriam gal… ne taip pasisekė, suteikiama galimybė.

How could one find the place in the world which does not provide you one? How can one have self-respect, when it seems that no one  around  understand you the way you are? These and many other questions are being raised by the characters of Kiki, members of American LGBTQ community. For them the encouragement to be themselves sounds more like a challenge. Because of the acute transphobia, finding work and receiving social and health protection become challenging.

To look through the surface and to see the soul of a human being - this is a trait of a good documentary. 


Berlin International Film Festival - "Teddy award" (Best LGBT-Related Documentary Film), "Full Frame" Documentary Film Festival - "Inspiration award" and "Outfest" - "Special Award".

Sara Jordenö

Sara Jordenö is a NYC and Gothenburg-based Swedish visual artist and a documentary filmmaker whose stories often concern communities facing different types of marginalization and how they position themselves in the world. Her cinematic projects and commissions have been shown internationally at such venues as the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Viennale, Berlin Biennial, Gothenburg, MoMA. Kiki is her feature documentary debut.