Film stills

- Žinai, Šūra, mačiau merginą. Ji dėvėjo maudymosi kostiumėlį. Stovėjo pasisukusi į mane šonu ir manęs nematė. Jis vis glostė sau klubus. Įsimylėjau.

- Tu įsimyli viską, kas dėvi maudymosi kostiumėlį.

He considers himself a genius but the publishers refuse to print his works. He loves women but they don’t always understand him. Constantly without money and out of touch with reality. The elegant fop Daniil Yuvachov names himself Kharms – a name just as effective as his appearance. An habitué of unending literary get-togethers and a lover of scandal, he engages in an amazing battle between the whole world in which he lives as though he was locked in a cage. Will he manage to cope with societal pressure, love’s mismatches, the impossibility of creation?

Ivan Bolotnikov

Ivan Bolotnikov was born on 1969 in Moscow. In 1996 he finished a full-time department of art history chair of  history faculty of the Moscow State University. In 2004 – Ivan finished the High Courses of Screenwriters and Directors. Since 2001 Ivan was working in various projects as a director, scriptwriter or producer. Movie “Kharms” is his feature debut.