July Rain

Film stills

Laimė mėtėsi ant kelio.

In July it rains heavily but briefly. She borrows a jacket and rushes down the street. Film is a plotless story about a young unmarried couple told in the manner of the French new wave. Their days and nights go by in somewhat fantastic Moscow city of the time.
“I don't know any other film where a space the role of which within the plot should be secondary, would be so independent. Moscow here is like a sea, and you can't get used to it or get enough of it.

The utilitarian nature of Moscow's transfers, escalators, and tunnels is fictional, improvised by some dilettante architect only to fill the space of life of these thirty-year-olds, who, instead of making money and career, read Pasternak's poetry until four in the morning.” [Petr Shepotinnik, Iskusstvo kino, 1997, 8]

Marlen Chucijev

Director Marlen Khutsiev (b. 1925, Tbilisi) graduated from the State Institute of Cinematography in 1952. One of the leading cultural figures of the Thaw, Khutsiev made films that were symbolic of the era's dreams and illusions. In 1965, the film I Am Twenty got a Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival. In the 1970s Khutsiev worked on TV. Since 1978, Khutsiev has taught film directing master classes at the VGIK. In 1992, Khutsiev's film Infinitas won two awards at the Berlin International Film Festival.