It's Not The Time Of My Life

Film stills

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The lives of Eszter (Orsolya Török-Illyés), her husband Farkas (Szabolcs Hajdu) and son Bruno are turned upside down when Eszter’s sister Ernella (Erika Tankó), her husband Albert (Domokos Szabó) and their offspring Laura (Lujza Hajdu) show up at their doorstep at the middle of the night. They are back to Hungary after an unsuccessful year in Scotland. The two families stay in the same apartment, but they have never been in real harmony with each other.

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The film has won two awards in Karlovy Vary International Film Festival: for the best actor and Crystal Globe (award for the Best Film)

Jameson CineFest - Miskolc International Film Festival - won the Audience Award.

Szabolcs Hajdu

Szabolcs Hajdu, a Hungarian film and theatre director, studied the art of theatre and cinema in Budapest. His 2007 feature film White Palms was invited to the East of the West competition of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.  His feature film It’s Not the Time of My Life won the top prize in the same festival in 2016. The film critiques deservedly compare Hajdu and his hypnotic actors with the works of Ingrid Bergman and John Cassavetes.