Film stills

This black and white film tells an alternative history: its directors are presenting us with a United Kingdom occupied by the Nazi Germany in the Second World War. In this version of reality, England is governed by the British Union of Fascists. Main character of the film is Pauline, an Irish nurse, and her experience of the two kinds of people: one that feels that it is only right to collaborate with the invaders, and the other which sees resistance as the only possible way. 


It Happened Here received the prize of the Adult Education Center Jury in the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival in 1964. 

Kevin Brownlow, Andrew Mollo

Kevin Brownlow, an 18-year-old in the beginning of the production of the film, later became a prominent film historian. Andrew Mollo was 16 when K. Brownlow asked him to join the production, and later became a leading military historian. It took 8 years to make this film and in the meantime authors had to earn their living working on other projects. When the film was finally released, it soon became a critical and public success, which led to British Film Institute funding their next collaborative project Comrade Jacob.