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Inni is Sigur Rós’s second live film following 2007′s hugely-celebrated Heima. Whereas that film positioned the enigmatic group in the context of their Icelandic homeland, Inni focusses purely on the band’s performance. Interweaving archive material from the band’s first ten years with the sometimes gossamer light, sometimes punishingly intense, concert footage, Inni is a persuasive account of one of the most celebrated rock bands of recent years.
“Inni is the intimate in the middle of a big stage. It’s the abstraction of the gestures and the magnification of delightful details. It’s a tribute to the unique energy of Sigur Rós. Inni leaves room to all the beautiful images that come to our minds when we listen to their music”, says Vincent Morisset.


Venice Film Festival – selected for the Venice Days programme.

Vincent Morisset

Canadian director Vincent Morisset was born in Montreal. He seeks new ways to tell stories (interactive videos, Bicolorama and many other). He has developed many projects for Arcade Fire, including the ground-breaking Neon Bible interactive video and the experimental documentary Miroir Noir. In 2011, he released Bla Bla, an animated short film that explores the narrative possibilities of the computer as a medium.