How Are You

Film stills

Reikėtų nusipirkti papūgą ir išmokyti sakyti ką nors nešvankaus. Ką nors apie kuratorius, Venecijos bienalę. „Venecijos bienalė yra buržua mėšlas.“

Danish-Norwegian artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset have been working with happenings, installations and other activist art practices since the mid-90s and have drawn attention worldwide in questioning issues about sex, identity and power relations. How Are You offers a comprehensive view of the duo's projects and collaboration over the years – from their first encounter in 1995 when the two of them hooked up both privately and professionally and knitted their first work, Instant Baby, to the opening of their exhibition The Collectors at the 2009 Venice Biennale, where visitors were invited as guests into a fictional home complete with a pricy art collection, bedroom, fireplace and a string of uncanny narratives unfolding throughout the homely setting.
“We are very much control freaks in our work”, says Elmgreen, “so it was like throwing ourselves over the precipice to let Jannik Splidsboel take over and have him make a film about us.”


Berlin Film Festival – selected for Panorama section.

Jannik Splidsboel

Jannik Splidsboel was born in Copenhagen in 1964, he studied art and film in Rome, which he still sometimes calls home today. An assistant director and production manager on numerous international projects, he has mainly made documentaries since 1999. Besides his work in film he also teaches at a number of international colleges.