House of Shame: Chantal All Night Long

Film stills

Turėtų vadintis ne „Gėdos namais“, o „Begėdystės namais“.

House of Shame is a Queer Party in Berlin that offers disco house beats and live acts every Thursday night. Every Thursday a new and different act – for the past ten years without interruption. Chantal is the organizer of this party – for all of the past ten years. Before that, she was a tranny hooker on the streets for 17 years. Chantal is transsexual. And an underground legend.
“Almost a historical epic: the film, when the pre-history of the party is included, spans a time period of 30 years – almost the life of an entire generation, almost the soundtrack of an entire generation, almost all the violence and all the passion…

Almost a road movie, forever on the run through the night; almost a neo-noir, never leaving the shadows and darkness of the concrete basements and bunker mazes – dark rooms, backstages and ladies' rooms…”, tells director Johanna Jackie Baier.


Berlin Film Festival – selected for Panorama programme.

Johanna Jackie Baier

Johanna Jackie Baier was born in 1955, in Kiel. Now she lives in Berlin. She graduated from the University of Essen in 1982. Throughout the 1980s she was working in the independent film scene of West Germany. J. Baier produced and directed documentaries and short films. Since 1997, Johanna Jackie Baier is officially a woman. She works as photographer and TV director. Her next film project is a story of Julia, a transsexual prostitute from Lithuania.