House of Others

Film stills

Kai čia atvykome, kaimas buvo visų apleistas. Tarsi visi būtų išgaravę ore. Net paukščiai dingo.

Two families live separated by a citrus' garden in an empty village in Georgia, in houses left by their previous inhabitants. Both of the families have experienced war and both are still healing the wounds remaining from it. Rooms, stricken by melancholia, are only sparingly lit to disclose the misery. The figures of former inhabitants are wandering yards and gardens as if they were ghosts. Each step here is marked with the memory and loss.

Visually reminding of oeuvres by Tarkovsky and Zvyagintsev, this film remains very distinctive, especially because of the impressively strong women character studies. It is also a very personal story as the narrative is loosely based on the personal war experiences of the director. 


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - East of West award.

Rusudana Glurjidze

Rusudana Glurjidze is a Georgian director. She studied film directing and scriptwriting in the Georgian National Film and Theater Institute. Since 2007 she is working as a producer in the Cinetech production company. House of Others is the debut feature film of the director, which didn't go unnoticed by the Variety: it has justly attributed the film with such adjectives as exquisite, evocative and elusive, wrapping up with a phrase that the film is an "astonishing debut from a fascinating new director."