Home Care

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- Ar daug alkoholio geriat?

- Ne, aš mieliau geriu vyną.

Dedicated home care nurse Vlasta lives for her husband Lada, her daughter and her patients. But then one day things change and Vlasta is forced out of her comfort zone. Drama and gentle humor intertwine as Vlasta comes to realise that she might need some care herself. An exceptionally strong performance by the main character Vlasta (played by actress Alena Mikulová) turns this drama with comic elements into a strong portrait of a woman. 


Main actress A.Mikulová was awarded Czech Lion, as well as Karlovy Vary International Film Festival  award and Palm Springs Film Festival FIPRESCI award as the Best Actress. In Palm Springs International Film Festival the director received a Directors to Watch award and in Phoenix Film Festival the film was awarded Copper Wing Award.

Slávek Horák

Slávek Horák is a Czech director, a former student of the FAMU - Prague film academy, though he quit his studies due to early success in directing internationally acclaimed commercials. Home Care is his feature debut.