Helen's Birthday

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Has Andres wished you happy birthday?

Middle-aged Helen, who still hasn’t gotten over her divorce, is dragged to the night club on her birthday. Unable to give life a new chance, she ends the night as an intruder in her old home.

"We all have houses and buildings, that used to be part of our lives in previous life phases, but are now closed in front of us. As I pass by these buildings, I often wonder what would happen if I entered one of them following my old familiar routine. One of such moments is also the seed for the idea of this short film. For me it is interesting how in the film a house from the past with it's details and objects turns memories visual and becomes a metaphor: rooms of memories, where we wander around and look for a way out." Director Tanno Mee

Tanno Mee

Tanno Mee graduated from the Baltic Film and Media School (BFM) BA program of film and video directing in 2008 with a short film House of Memories (35’). In 2010 Tanno premiered a short documentary Being Normal (28’), commissioned by the Estonian Public Broadcasting, and in 2014 another documentary Allan Leida, Leida Allan - co-directed with Liis Nimik. With an interest in sensitive, nuanced drama, Tanno is shifting back to fiction with his new short film Helen’s Birthday.

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