The Greedy Tiffany

Film stills

Pepa spends most of his time sitting in a pub. To support his meagre lifestyle, he breaks into weekend cottages and sells the stolen goods in a nearby pawn shop. During one of these robberies he is nearly caught red handed and while he’s running away, he stumbles upon an old video camera, which holds the secret to an unimaginable treasure. Pepa is astounded and immediately a craving for the treasure overtakes him…
Selected for Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Andy Fehu

Andy Fehu, born in 1986, works in the film industry since turning 14. He studied Film and Theatre in Olomouc. With his short films such as Dead End (2005), St. Nicholas (2006), Andy’s Film (2009) and Sea Urchin (2011) he impressed both juries and audiences at many film festivals. He is currently completing his Bachelor’s Degree course at FAMU’s Film Editing Department. Greedy Tiffany is his feature film debut.