The Good Son

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Nuolat užsiraunu ant netinkamų vyrų.

Actress Leila flees to the family’s old summer villa with her sons. Short-tempered Ilmari is his mother’s confidant and protector. Their peaceful time together is soon interrupted when Leila invites a group of her friends. When the other guests leave, writer Aimo stays. Ilmari is not pleased with the intruder, the atmosphere at the villa surrounded by woods becomes threatening.
“The first idea for The Good Son was a character with a twisted sense of responsibility. I guess it came from somewhere within me: I do have a tendency to take on responsibility, even tor things I can’t really affect or which shouldn’t be my concern. A variant of a narcissistic disorder, I suppose. I wanted to exaggerate and examine this trait, take it to its most extreme forms”, says director Zaida Bergroth.


International Toronto Film Festival – official selection.

Zaida Bergroth

Zaida Bergroth was born in 1977. She has studied at FAMU in Prague and in Helsinki. She has directed the awarded short films Glass Jaw and Heavy Metal. Her first feature was Last Cowboy Standing screened at Scanorama in 2010.