Gold Coast

Film stills

Užuojauta yra didžiausia Dievo dovana.

In 1836, the young and visionary botanist Wulff is sent to Africa by the King of Denmark to establish coffee plantations. Behind him awaits the love of his life. Ahead an adventure into unknown territory that will change his young life forever. The slave trade no longer takes place at the Danish trading posts on the Gold Coast. But soon the locals ravage the plantations he sows, and Wulff starts to unravel a conspiracy that penetrates the very heart of the governorate.


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – in competition.

Daniel Dencik

Daniel Dencik is a writer, poet and director from Copenhagen, Denmark. He also works as an editor and scriptwriter. His editing work includes Into Eternity (2010), Noi the Albino (2001) and Five Obstructions (2003). Dencik has published five books. His latest book Via katastroferne was nominated for the Best Literature Award of the year 2012 in Denmark. Moon Rider from 2012 was Dencik’s debut as a documentary film director. In 2013 he presented visually stunning The Expedition to the End of the World, which was also screened in Scanorama. Gold Coast is his debut as a feature film director.