Garden Lane

Film stills

- Jis daro tau blogą įtaką.

- Jis – viskas, ką turiu.

Eric and Elin meet as adults at a funeral and relive the dark, magical summer when they met for the first time. They were just kids then, and their parents, Linda and Peter, were both drug addicts. For a few crazy, violent and beautiful months they all lived together as a family. As they find their way back to each other as adults, they must face their past in search of a better future.

Olof Spaak

Olof Spaak studied Film at Stockholm University. After more practical film studies he began working in the film industry and has worked on over 50 TV series and Features. Olof wrote and directed a couple of short films which have been screened at festivals worldwide, among them TIFF Kids, Rome International Film Festival and Istanbul International Film Festival among others. With “Garden Lane”, Olof Spaak makes his feature debut.