The Games of Adults

Film stills

The film Adult Games (Suaugusių žmonių žaidimai, 1967), directed by Algimantas Kundelis, which won R. Adomaitis the title of the best male actor in 1968 in the Baltic, Belarusian and Moldovian Film Festival in Riga, perfectly shows the vigorous charm of R. Adomaitis as a person and as an actor. The legendary duet of him and the actress Eugenija Pleškytė delves into the eternal subject of the (mis)communication between man and woman, gracefully conveying the naively hopeful side of human nature, as well as the contradictions of different expectations.    

The Anniversary programme invites you to celebrate the double anniversary of the actor turning 80 and 50 years since the release of the film. To re-measure the time segment on both this and the other side of the screen, to re-establish old and highlight new important aspects of the films as well as life. The latter is always more surprising and more convincing, as the main actor in the film reminds us.

Ilja Rud-Gercovskis, Algimantas Kundelis