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Man irgi buvo penkiolika. Tada prikalbi daug nesąmonių.

When 14 years-old Jennifer claims to have been raped by classmate Alexander the rumor rapidly spreads throughout the small community. More and more people are convinced that Jennifer is lying. Evidence and decisions of court mean nothing where grown up people lay down their own rules and laws to stick with the flock.


Berlin Film Festival – Crystal Bear for Best Film in the Generation 14plus section; Los Angeles Film Festival – Best Film.

Beata Gårdeler

Beata Gårdeler was born in Solna, Sweden in 1973. Her feature debut In Your Veins (2009) was highly praised by the critics as well as nominated for a Swedish National Film Award. This film was screened in Scanorama. Gårdeler has directed several TV-series such as Spung (2003-2004) and recently, the award winning 30 Degrees in February (2012). In 2014 she won the short competition at the Göteborg Film Festival with Solitude. Flocking is her second feature.