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Carlos Saura explores once again the current talents in this lively and dynamic art of flamenco. Young talents meet important names in the film and a life journey unfolds through their performances.
“For this film we decided not to have a fiction story on which to base the drama [...]. I believe that if we include anything else but the beauty of this music and dancing in front of the cameras we will betray the pureness of this art! I suggested that we could maintain two narrative elements that were different to the usual ones, that would support the performances and that would enable us to communicate with the audience in a subliminal way while the show unfolds. These elements are: "A life journey and… light”, says director Carlos Saura.

Carlos Saura

Spanish director Carlos Saura was born in 1932. He developed an interest in photography at the age of 15 and became a professional. In 1953 he collaborated with the First International Exhibition of Abstract Art in Santander. He studied in the Spanish Cinema Institute and completed his degree with Sunday Afternoon in 1957. Not long after he became the chairman of the Institute, but resigned in 1964 for political reasons. He won many national and international awards including Silver Bear in the Berlin Festival, Special Jury Awards in Cannes. The film Mama Turns 100 (1979) and Tango (1997) got Oscar nominations as Best Foreign Film.