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– O kai jau susitiksime išėję, laisvėje, kur norėtum nukeliauti?

– Į Ibisą.

Very intense and realistic - that's how Italian film critics define this film about a complicated love story of two adolescents. Daphne (by Daphne Scoccia) arrested for stealing, falls in love with Josh (by Josciua Algeri), a young robber. They see each other through the barred windows and prison fences, and exchange clandestine notes. The prison for them becomes more than just a place that constrains their freedom. The director of the film manages to sensitively and respectfully depict this complex relationship  in this difficult period of life - adolescence, emphasizing that it is love that keeps the two lovers holding on to life. The script of the film was written together with the main characters of the film, based on real-life stories of the young from a juvenile colony. 


Special Prize of the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists.

Claudio Giovannesi

Claudo Giovannesi is an Italian film director with a filmography ranging from short films to feature length, documentaries and TV series (Gomorrah). His second feature film Alì Blue Eyes (Alì Ha Gli Occhi Azzuri) (2012) was nominated in Tribeca Film Festival for the best narrative feature and awarded in various European film festivals: Rome Film Festival, Lucas International Festival of Films for Children and Young People, Angers European First Film Festival (for best main actor) and others. Fiore was awarded special award by Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists, nominated for a Queer Palm in Cannes Film Festival (presented in the Quinzaine des Realisateurs program) and for Osram Award in Munich Film Festival.