Endless Poetry

Film stills

Poezija, tu nušviesi mano kelią kaip liepsnojantis drugys.

Felliniesque - this is how this film is defined by the critiques. They also note that is is one of the most moving and accessible films by this versatile director. The human experiences, depicted in Endless Poetry, are universal, thus they speak out to each of us. Given that it is based on the autobiography of the director, film is particularly touching, open and frank.

Young Alejandro, a teenager, dreams to be a poet but his oppressive father does not want to hear one word about it. Alejandro is drawn to the poetry because it is the key to the door behind which lies all that is forbidden, including the world of clowns, dwarves, miracles, nights full of passion, days full of melancholy. A sensitive and a little shy Alejandro is played by Adan Jodorowsky, the youngest of the director’s sons. The director himself shows up on the screen too, just in order to talk with his young self.


Nominated for the Best International Film Award at Munchen Film Festival.

Alejandro Jodorowsky

Alejandro Jodorowsky is known not only as a film and theater director, he is also a screenwriter, poet, producer, composer, musician, mime, comics author, spiritual guru. His films, often defined as avant-garde, among them - El Topo, Holy Mountain and Santa Sangre, acquired a status of cult films and have a huge following.