The End of the Chain

Film stills

- Kalbų žinios. Anglų: raštu ir žodžiu. Vokiečių, prancūzų, ispanų: raštu ir žodžiu. Lotynų: raštu. Tai kažkoks pokštas?

- Kalbėti taip pat moku, bet kalba mirusi.

A nice waitress works at a fast-food restaurant, where people come not for a quick meal but simply to have a good cry. On top of that, a visit from her parents, who are disappointed by their daughter’s life, only brings on greater bitterness. A high-spirited comedy examines existential dilemmas, the limits of selfishness and the desire for compassion.  


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – „East of the West“ competition

Priit Pääsuke

Priit Pääsuke (b. 1975) studied natural sciences and direction. He and some classmates founded Luxfilm productions. After the successful short Black Peter (2008), Pääsuke co-directed an documentary Impromptu (2015) about experimental musicians and their place in the music world. The End of the Chain is his feature debut .