At Ellen’s Age

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Tie, kurie galvoja, kad žino, kas teisinga šiame pasaulyje, gali būti pavojingai kvaili.

As everything that has given her life the necessary security falls apart, Ellen, a 40-year-old flight attendant sets out to seek a new purpose and a place to belong. In doing so, she becomes a tourist in the lives of the people and groups she encounters. For the first time in her life, Ellen is impressed by passionate commitment of a group of young idealists and allows herself to experience unconditional love for a brief moment. Convinced that there must be a specific place in the world where she is needed, inwardly matured, strangely happy and ready to venture a new beginning, Ellen choses a new challenge that fits her own needs...
„I think that for a woman at Ellen’s age who comes to a point of having to redefine her life, this is an interesting process. Because nothing can be taken for granted. It might be too late to settle down and have a family in the traditional sense. It was very important that the character is optimistic, even though the circumstances are hard. Ellen is forced to become more open to things in order to move on. <...>

This is not a film about doing the right thing, much more it is about a personal journey of someone trying to find meaning in a complex and contradictory world. Therefore the story reflects themes of looking for something natural in an increasingly artificial world. I didn't want the film to take any political standpoints, instead it attempts to give insight into a way of living and thinking and why people make the choices they do, without moralizing,“ says Pia Marais.


Crossing Europe Festival Linz – in competition, Best Film Award; Buenos Aires Film Festival BAFICI – in competition, Best Actress Award; Locarno Film Festival – in competition.

Pia Marais

Pia Marais was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and grew up both there and in Spain and Sweden. Initially she studied sculpture and photography in London, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf before going on to study film at the Deutsche Film- und Fernseh-Akademie (DFFB) in Berlin. After several engagements in film business as assistant director and writer, she made her feature debut with The Unpolished, which has screened at many international film festivals and has won various prizes, including Tiger Award in 2007 in Rotterdam. At Ellen's Age is her second feature.