El Medico – The Cubaton Story

Film stills

Mūsų tikslas tas pats, bet kartais viską matome skirtingai.

Two men struggle in Cuba. El Medico, a young Cuban doctor and musician, is trying to get a better life for his family. Michel, a European music producer, wants fame and fortune. It is a fight between two minds: one sees the music as an authentic expression of Cuban culture and history, the other sees it as a commercial product to be sold by any means necessary. Caught in this clash of views is also El Medico’s Mother who thinks her son is betraying the revolutionary ideals that she suffered for. El Medico realizes that being Michel’s product is not his dream, but he has to decide between doing his duty to the State, as a doctor fulfilling his mother’s dream, or being an artist.


DocPoint Tallin – the opening film; Gothenburg International Film Festival – in competition for the Dragon Award.

Daniel Fridell

Daniel Fridell was born in 1967 in Lidingö island in the inner Stockholm archipelago. Almost for twenty years, he has been working as director, scriptwriter and producer both in film and television.