Film stills

Sudeginsiu visą šitą prakeiktą miestą nė mirktelėjęs. Ir jei kas pradės verkti, pasakysiu, kad parodytų man nors vieną dorą žmogų. Tegul parodo, ir iškart tapsiu geras.

A middle-aged lawyer works and lives alone in a dreary apartment. One cold and rainy day, a dishevelled man breaks in and entrusts him with a small package. After that the lawyer continues to be plagued with break-ins and unwelcome visitors. When one day his girlfriend is stabbed to death, the lawyer sets out for revenge. Drum is a disturbingly bleak, dreamlike and Kafkaesque picture of the life in contemporary Tehran.

Keywan Karimi

Keywan Karimi is an Iranian filmmaker of Kurdish origin. His short films, such as Broken Border (2012) and The Adventures of a Married Couple (2013), were presented in numerous international film festivals. Because of his documentary film Writing on the City (2015), the Iranian filmmaker was condemned to one year of imprisonment and 223 lashes. Drum is his first feature film.