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- Ar esi kada man sudainavus lopšinę?

- Manau, kaip taip. Taip.

- Nepamenu, kad būtum.

Roos visits her mother in Norway yearly, but this time it’s different: she brings a bad news. At first, old pain and numerous reproaches keep Roos from sharing anything with her mother. With the help of her half brother and an old love, the two women eventually reconcile and Roos is ready to take her next and inescapable step.


Toronto International Film Festival

Boudewijn Koole

Boudewijn Koole was born in Leiden, Netherlands, where he studied Industrial Design at the Delft University of Technology. He began his career as a documentarian, before moving to narrative fiction. His feature credits include “Drawn Out Love” (2007), “Kauwboy” (2012), and “Beyond Sleep” (2016).