Film stills

Jis pasakoja man apie ypatingą šviesą, kuri spinduliuoja iš žemės.

Joseph paints the earth and the sky with no other ambition than to observe and to gain a better understanding of the landscape’s visual structure. Shyly, the filmmaker follows her working father in this particular space. Their dialogue, sometimes awkward and tinged with discretion, starts not as a conversation but as an exchange of a glimpse towards this barren landscape. It’s here, facing this patch of land and sky, where they manage to speak to each other. In their own manner.

Elžbieta Josadė

Elžbieta Josadė lives and works in Paris. She was born in Lithuania in 1990. At first she studied painting, sculpture and contemporary art in Vilnius academy of arts and has made several site-specific art installations.  In 2012 she left for France where she graduated with a Master degree in cinema from the Universite Paris 8 in France. Dialogue with Joseph is her first mid-length documentary.