Death of Louis XIV

Film stills

- Jie mane myli.

- Taip pone. Jūs – jų šeimininkas.

The court of the King is covered by twilights and immersed in mourning: the King Louis XIV is dying in the hands of his three doctors. At the opening sequence King Louis, fabulously played by Jean-Pierre Leaud, is seen surveying his Versailles gardens. It turns out to be his last gaze over his vast estate. Later the film meticulously presents each painful sigh, each word, each gesture of the dying monarch, which, at the end, simply turns out to be just another suffering man.


French film award Prix Jean Vigo; Jerusalem Film Festival: Haggiag Award and the Wilf Family Foundation Award.

Albert Serra

Albert Serra is a Catalan director, sometimes called Radical Classicist. His feature films have received main awards in various international film festivals, such as Viennale, Locarno, Turin, Jerusalem and others. He was also awarded Prix Jean Vigo. His films were presented in the Cannes Film Festival (official selection as well as Quinzaine des Réalisateurs). As a video artist he has presented a film performance project in the Kassel Documenta festival of contemporary art.