Film stills

Mes laikomės kurso. Esame vidury vandenyno. Vis dar nežinome, kur plaukiame. Tik judam ir judam.

A freighter crosses the ocean. The hypnotic rhythm of its pace reveals the continuous movement of the machinery devouring its workers: the old sailor's gestures disappearing under the mechanical and impersonal pulse of the 21st century. Maybe it’s just a boat adrift, or maybe it’s  the last example of the endangered species with engines still running.


Film Festival Locarno - Special Jury Prize (Filmmakers of the Present); Doclisboa International Film Festival - FCSH award, Best First Feature Film

Mauro Herce

Mauro Herce graduated from Engineering and Fine Arts, before he enrolled at the San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba) and Louis Lumière (France) Film Schools. Since then, he has been working as a director of photography and occasional screenwriter. Dead Slow Ahead is his first film as a director.