The Days That Confused

Film stills

– Tu tik apie tūsus kalbėt moki?

– Juk viskas yra suknistas tūsas.

What did you do on your last summer before starting the life  as an adult? That's the question that comes to mind watching lads and ladies of the nineties, waving their teenage years good-bye at their wild drinking parties. Summer, heat, passion make Allar's (played by Hendrik Toompere Jr.) head spin as he finds himself surrounded by the cheap local tributes of international love songs, the world of mafia and beautiful young women. Allar does not know  what he wants anymore,  neither now, nor for his future. The whole aesthetics of the film and the types of the characters are highly reminiscent of the "wild capitalism" period in the Baltic states, a period that despite being already in the past, is still very recent and very much alive. 


Was nominated for the East of West Award at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Triin Ruumet

Triin Ruumet is a graduate of the Baltic Film and Media School. The Days That Confused is her debut feature film. The film has been presented in the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.