The Day Will Come

Film stills

Būk gudrus, tapk vaiduokliu. Kai tapsi vaiduokliu, niekas nebekreips į tave dėmesio. Tiesiog daryk, kas tau sakoma.

In 1967 Denmark two brothers, Elmer (by Harald Kaiser Hermann) and Erik (Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt) find themselves in one of the  homes for boys. This place should have become their second home, but there is no mercy nor care. Here no one is allowed to have dreams, as Elmer, younger of the two brothers, soon experiences. Who could have guessed that a dream of becoming an astronaut will be easily smashed by the heavy handed director (by Lars Mikkelsen)? This film, based on a true story, is a delicate study of a young human being who seeks to disclose the inextinguishable fire within, and one's faith in humanity. 


Norway International Film Festival: Fipresci Award. Hamburg Film Festival: Audience Award.

Jesper W. Nielsen

Jesper W. Nielsen is a Danish film director, graduated in editing from the National Film School of Denmark. He has received critics' appraisal for his original approach to the drama for children and young people, demonstrated in the feature film Little Big Sister (1998). The film also won the Jury's Special Commendation at Cinekid Amsterdam. 

J. W. Nielsen has authored a series of three films for children as well as TV series. His feature Okay (2002) was a box-office hit and CICAE award winner at Locarno Film Festival.