Viską, ką kada nors pamatysiu ir pajausiu, perduosiu savo vaikams.

It's Sunday. A father and his son spend the whole day fishing, talking, checking the status of their relation. The adult perceives in the answers of his son autonomy of his thought. Inside of him, he harbours the sorrow of the father’s absence. Maybe they will succeed in sealing this important moment of reunion, the implicit attempt of shortening the distance, regaining the lost time. The film ends with surprising documentary twist which deals with modern-day capitalism, taking place in the same region of Prekmurje, and even more surprisingly fits the story. Paraphrasing director's words, let the film be poetry, let the silent engines run the story.
“The locations are places of my childhood, which came to my mind strongly without any reason after a long time. Like the taste of cake with tea for Marcel Proust, these images opened the past for me. The story does not come from my life but it does come from my heart. Language is a place, in which you spend most of your time and, especially in silence, language becomes like a paradise. And sometimes also a space where you create a new world, a new life”, says Vlado Škafar.


Venice Film Festival – selected to International Critic’s Week; Estoril Film Festival – in competition; Tallin Black Night Film Festival – in competition; International Linz Film Festival Crossing Europe – in competition; Portorož Slovene Film Festival –Award for Best Cinematography.

Vlado Škafar

Vlado Škafar is Slovenian writer, director, critic and playwright. He is one of the co-founders of the Slovenska Kinoteka (that he directed from 1993 to 1999) and of the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema International Film Festival. He directed short films and documentaries. Dad is his debut feature film.