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Mirė be priežasties, gyveno be tikslo, be dvasios.

Cornelis is an intimate film about Cornelis Vreeswijk, one of Sweden’s greatest artists, about the country he lived in, the time he lived in. It is a naked, rough, melancholy and beautiful film about a man who was everybody’s friend, but nobody’s confidante. Our very personal portrait of the cardigan clad rebel.
“It appeals to me in other films as well, this lone man against the world. And I find him actually so. He had many acquaintances, but I do not think it was someone who really knew him, under the skin. I think he wanted it that way, to talk through music or poetry”, says director Amir Chamdin.


The Guldbagge Award – nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

Amir Chamdin

Swedish director and rapper Amir Chamdin was born in 1974, in Stockholm. He first made a name for himself as the singer of the Swedish cult-band Infinite Mass. Since 2000 he is more focused on his work as a director and has directed feature films, commercials and music videos. He and Martina Stöhr own a production company called Chamdin & Stöhr Film. His feature film debut was God Willing in 2006, starring himself and Nina Persson.