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"Nobody ever imagined that local criminals are covering under Islam. That is also a good story!"

Maija is a young and ambitious journalist who wants to do something that no other journalist has dared. In order to conduct a groundbreaking research on DAESH, she pretends to be an Islamic convert and tries to join them.

"The "Converts" is revealing two important topics. The first is about us as the Westerners who are searching for the stories which would shock and surprise us, and sometimes we are ready to ignore facts. The second topic is about radical Islam and our assumptions about this movement which more often is based on stereotypes and myths. Unfortunately when these two meet - the Westerners ignorance and radical Islam manipulations, there is no way to escape a clash." Director K. Lesiņš

Kārlis Lesiņš

Kārlis Lesiņš Short film "Converts" became a winner of Lielais Kristaps award as the best Latvian student film. Currently, he is working on the first full length documentary film "The Signs of Overturned Moon" and first feature film "Desperation".



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