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Gyvenime būna tokių akimirkų. Kai kas nors suserga, arba šalyje konfliktas, kai kyla karas, žmonės šeimoje padeda vieni kitiems.

Struggling against the crisis in Portugal, a mother doubles up jobs to pay the bills since her husband is unemployed. Their teenage daughter tries to keep living her everyday life even if the money’s running short and makes everything uneasy. Escaping from their common reality, they slowly become strangers to one another, as the tension grows in silence and in guilt.


Berlin International Film Festival – Official Competition

Teresa Villaverde

Teresa Villaverde began her career as an actress, co-writer and co-director at the theatre of the School of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Since the 1990s she has directed her own films including "The Major Age" which screened at the Berlinale in 1991. She made her international breakthrough in 1998 with "The Mutants".