Clean Hands

Film stills

Mačiau, kaip tėtis sumušė žmogų.

Sylvia has turned a blind eye to her husband Eddie’s flourishing drug business for too long. When Eddie’s dealings take a turn for the worse, and one night the family is woken up  by the police, and when Sylvia sees her son playing with a real gun in his hands, she realises it is time to face the truth. Wanting to protect the lives and future of their small children, Sylvia decides to flee.


Nominated for the Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Actress awards at the Netherlands Film Festival. Nominated for the Best Feature Film Award at the Film by the Sea International Film Festival.

Tjebbo Penning

When introducing himself, Tjebbo Penning, film director from the Netherlands, adds that he "spent the first years after graduating from Amsterdam's Film Academy directing so much crap, that all his frustration exploded into a short horror spoof”. Clean Hands is the third feature film by the director, in line with one of his favourite themes - crime and punishment.