The Cakemaker

Film stills

- Kas bus, kai tavo žmona sužinos?

- To niekada neatsitiks.

After the death of his lover Thomas comes to Israel – the birthplace of killed Oran. The widow of the man he adored mistrusts his German origins but gives the young man work in her café. She hardly suspects that the sorrow that connects her to the stranger is for one and the same man. A delicate drama reveals setones of the love theme and delivers a powerful statement of the deep feeling.


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – Special Jury Award.

Ofir Raul Graizer

Ofir Raul Graizer (b. 1981) studied direction in Sapir Academic College. In 2007 he presented his first short feature Prayer in January, in 2009 his graduation movie Dor earned him his first awards. In 2015 he co-directed the short La Discothèque (with Teresita Ugarte), which screened in Cannes’ Critics’ Week. The Cakemaker is his debut in features.