Butterfly City

Film stills

Atėjau ir pasakiau jai: „Kraukis daiktus! Važiuojam į

stebuklų šaly, kur dar niekad nebuvai.“

The Lithuanian city of Visaginas – designed and shaped like the wings of a butterfly – was intended to be a window of Soviet progress to the West. Created in the 1970s to service a powerful nuclear power station, the town became a home for people from all over the USSR, with Russian as its main language. EU membership, however, meant Lithuania had to close the plant, the city’s main industry. At a time of growing geo-political tension in the region, and in an ambiance of mutual mistrust, what will the future bring for the people of Butterfly City?

Olga Černovaitė

Olga Černovaitė. After studying chemistry and biochemistry and obtaining her Bachelors then Masters Degree from Vilnius University, director Olga Černovaitė switched track to study film at the Baltic Film and Media School (Tallinn University, Estonia). Her 1st mid-length creative documentary film, If Not You had its international premiere at the oldest Polish International Film Festival Lubuskie Film Summer (Łagów, 2012). For the last few years Olga has participated as programmer for the Guth Gafa International Documentary Film Festival in Ireland.