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Teisingą lavoną į teisingą karstą teisingoje vietoje ir teisingu laiku.

Roman Kogler, 19 years old, is serving time in a juvenile detention centre. He has already served half of his sentence, and could be released on probation, but his chances are poor: he doesn’t have family, and seems incapable of coping with society. After many failed attempts, Roman finds a probation job at the municipal morgue in Vienna. One day, Roman is faced with a dead woman who bears his family name. Even though it soon turns out that she is not his mother, Roman wonders about his past for the first time and starts looking for her.
“It was important to me that an impression of being incidental was always present, and that, for example, long passages of silence aren’t perceived as being too pregnant with meaning, because there isn’t much talking beforehand either. What’s then said, however, always has meaning”, says Karl Markovics.


Cannes Film Festival – selected for Directors Fortnight Section, Europa Cinemas Label Award; Sarajevo Film Festival – The Heart of Sarajevo Award for Best Film and Best Actor.

Karl Markovics

Karl Markovics was born on the 29th of August 1963 in Vienna (Austria), he is a respected stage actor, appearing also in films. He starred as Salomon Sorowitsch in S. Ruzowitzky’s 2007 film The Counterfeiters, which was awarded the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and more recently in the film Unknown. Breathing is his first feature film as a writer and director.