In the Blood

Film stills

Niekas nėra laimingas, Simonai. Net jei manai, kad laimingi visi, išskyrus tave.

Simon (by Kristoffer Bech) is a successful medical student who breezes through school with no apparent effort. He spends his spare time with his best friend (by Elliott Crossett Hove) and their roommates partying, drinking and chasing girls. But as his friends start to settle down, Simon’s possessive feelings throw his social life into chaos. In the Blood is a close-up look at a self-centred generation, faced with the consequences of unlimited egoism.

Rasmus Heisterberg

Rasmus Heisterberg studied film at the National Film School of Denmark. He has written screenplays for more than 15 feature films, including King's Game (2004), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) and A Royal Affair (2012). In the Blood is his directorial debut.