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Using film material from official and personal archives, television reports, feature films, Adam Curtis has constructed a story about the part of the world, which in the several last decades has suffered from the endless bloodshed and conflicts - Afghanistan. It all starts with the first meetings of the US president Franklin D. Roosevelt and the king of Afghanistan, and continues throughout a century-long history of political decisions and conspiracies, advantageous to the United States and the Middle East. Guns, oil, fundamentalism, money - this vocabulary is often met in the daily international discourses and banner headlines. A. Curtis takes up  a difficult task to unveil the prehistory of terrorism as we know it and to expose the role of the Western world in it, as well as to remind the viewer of the powerful manipulations of the media.



„True/False Film Fest“ – „True Vision“ apdovanojimas.

Adam Curtis

Adam Curtis is a British documentary film director. He admits that his favorite theme is power and how it works in society. For his documentary work he's been awarded four BAFTA awards. In an even voice over his visual collages he performs the vivisection of political systems, ideologies, corruption and global web of lies. A. Curtis’ film The Power of Nightmares (2004) has received a award given by the Directors Guild of Great Britain for an outstanding directorial achievement.