Beethoven – Days of a Life

Vienna, 1813. The composer Ludwig van Beethoven (played by Donatas Banionis) is getting more and more poor. The secret police start visiting the artist because of his democratic political views. The love to a young countess Josephine (Renate Richter) is also left unanswered but the difficulties does not break the composer’s spirit. Somewhere in the emptiness one can already hear the first sounds of the Symphony no. 9.

Horst Seemann 

Horst Seemann, a German director, screenwriter, actor and composer, premiered his 1973 film Ripe Cherry in the Moscow International Film Festival. In 1982 Levin’s Mill based on the novel of Johannes Bobrowski won the Special Prize at National Feature Film Festival in German Democratic Republic. Seemann’s film Women Doctors entered the Berlin Film Festival and a year later this feature received the Best DEFA Feature Film of the Year Critics’ Prize.