Bear Tales

Film stills

In the world abandoned by humans, a mechanic follows a little red man. They cross forests, died-out cities and desolate plains, until they reach the top of the magic mountain. Here they find a torn teddy bear and join forces to bring him back to life. Maybe, if they manage to do it, this world would not seem that empty and desperate, and they would find peace?

This film, which has the subject of friendship in focus, is accessible to all age groups: from the youngest of our viewers, to adults. 


Rotterdam International Film Festival - nominated for the Bright Future Award, Torino Film Festival - nominated for Best Feature Film.

Olmo Amato, Samuele Sestieri

Samuele Sestieri graduated in directing and screenwriting from the ACT Multimedia Film Academy. He has written, directed and edited several shorts, and is also working as a film critic for websites and is one of the editors-in-chief of the movie magazine "Point Blank".

Olmo Amato graduated in neurobiology at La Sapienza University in Rome. A professional photographer and video maker, he is also working in postproduction and teaching, as well as curating the photographic archive of the Alberto Moravia Fund.