Atelier de Conversation

Film stills

- Ar žinot, kas yra stereotipas?

- Tai 13 linijos metro stotelė.

- Kliši aikštės stotelė.

- Ne, „Kliši“ yra kas kita.

One room, twelve chairs and a common language. People from all over the world meet each week for free French lessons in the library of the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Refugees of war sit together with businessmen, students next to victims of political persecution. They have one goal in common – to learn the language and find companions. Grammar mistakes and search for the right word opens the human soul and reveals efforts to create a home away from home feeling.


Karlovy Vary Film Festival – Documentary Special Jury Prize

Bernhard Braunstein

Bernhard Braunstein (b.1979) is an Austrian documentarist, editor, and camera operator. After moving to Paris in 2009, he realized that without the language he could never integrate into French society and began visiting French lessons in the library at the Centre Pompidou. Later he joined a free conversation course. It became the inspiration for his first feature-length documentary film.