Assassin of the Tsar

Film stills

Vis dėlto kaip paprasta patekti į pasaulio istorijos puslapius.

A doctor in a modern lunatic asylum becomes fascinated with a patient who, although cured of his belief that he is the assassin of Tsar Nicholas II, seems to know more than he should about the murder. As they delve deeper into the past, both men take on roles which will surely again lead to murder.
“At that time we didn't know much about the death of the Tsar family. When the nineties came, we began to get some information and I was very excited about the idea of a movie. There are some very dramatic moments in world history, and it is one of them, the moment that will always agitate the artists' souls. But we were the first who've done something of it”, says director Karen Shakhnazarov.


Cannes Film Festival – in competition; Belgrade International Film Festival – Grand Prize; Russian Cinema Academy Awards – Nika Award for Best Actor (Oleg Jankovskij) and Best Costume Designer.

Karen Šachnazarov

Director, producer and screenwriter Karen Shakhnazarov was born in 1952, Krasnodar, Soviet Union. In 1975 he graduated from Moscow School for Cinematography. His musical comedies Jazzmen and Evening in Gagra made him one of the most commercially successful directors in Russia. Gradually his style became satirical and surrealistic, several of his films dealt with historical topics. He became the Director General of the Mosfilm studios in 1998.