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Štai avis, kurią šiandien partrenkei. Gero apetito.

A bourgeois Austrian couple, Nick and Anna, set off for an extended stay in a remote chalet in the Swiss alps. Both are planning to finish their current work-related projects as well as to work on their dissolving marriage. A collision with a sheep on a country road initiates a whole series of weird and unsettling events which ultimately leave them both incapable of being certain exactly where they are: in the real world or in their own imaginations.


Berlin film festival – “Forum”

Greg Zglinski

Greg Zglinski attended a pantomime and acting school in Zurich, and studied Film Directing at the National Academy for Film, Television and Theatre (PWSFTViT) in Łódź, Poland. Currenty, Greg lives in Warsaw, where he works as a film director and screenwriter.