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Meilė yra sunkiausias būdas vienam kitą pažinti.

Sofia (by Iro Bezou) has left Nikos (by Haris Fragoulis) without saying a word, without giving him any reason. One year later, Nikos comes up with a perfect plan to make Sofia, the love of his life, tell him why she has left. Nikos' plan is to lock themselves up in a basement of a luxurious house and talk until she will pronounce the reasons of their separation. It is an ironic and funny film, but at the same time it is a genuine story about the end of love and the difficulty of getting over it. 

Stergios Paschos

Stergios Paschos is a Greek director. Before Afterlov, which is his debut feature film, he has directed several shorts, among them - Regular Night (2008), Helen (2011) and Largo (2012). In 2014 he participated in the FrameWork film project development programme by TorinoFilmLab.