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Perduok šitą Aliošai. Pasakyk, kad Vika sakė, jeigu jis nori, tai galim visi kartu pasitūsint, ir tipo… Nu, ir jin atsiprašo, nes, nu, tipo, nenorėjom, kad viskas šitaip išeitų.

Alex has a crush on the pretty Vika. But she seems to be unreachable. Her school and the block she lives on are enemy territory for Alex. He has to demonstrate courage and take some punches before Vika returns his feelings. It isn‘t only the thugs on the street that threaten their fragile happiness: Alex and Vika also have to overcome their own fears and doubts. Every sentence, every touch is a new world. Amidst endless expanses of dismal high-rise blocks, the film tells the story of a first love as turbulent as it is moving.
Berlin Film Festival – in Generation 14plus competition; Kinotavr Open Russian Film Festival – in competition, diploma for Best Director.

Andrey Zaytsev

Andrey Zaytsev was born in Moscow in 1975. He studied at the Lomonosov Moscow State University and graduated in Journalism and as a documentary and fiction film director. He is two-time winner of the Russian Golden Eagle Award and in 2012 was recognised by the Government of the Russian Federation for his cultural achievements. He is a Managing Director of September Studio which produces television, documentary and feature films. Directed short films My House (2000) and Poster (2007), documentary series The Bridge Over the Abyss (2012–2013) and My Great World War (2012–2014). He made his feature debut with the drama The Layabouts (2011).